How to install Stremio on Xiaomi MiBox and other x86 devices




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    wayne mariette

    needs better x86 app

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    To install on Mibox follow these steps:

    1. On your phone install Android TV remote control and connect the app with your mi box
    2. On mi Box install an app named "Downloader" from Google play.
    3. Start Downloader app
    4. On you phone put Android TV remote control app on background and start your favorite browser (Firefox is working for me). Navigate to stremio download and long press on arm apk download link. Copy the apk address.
    5. Go back to Remo Control app and paste the link.
    6. Select install and then allow installing from uknnow source.
    7. Enjoy stremio on your mi box.

    Above instructions are applicable for any other android smart TV

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    gameonXesh /

    i got a chromebook, since i got this i installed strem,io and it work super well for a lot of months, suddenly there was some update and now it doesnt work, i download it again, installed it,, and it doesnt last 1 min, not even 20 second and it close automatic, i send you a msg by facebook, and told me that the only rare thing was that i install it by miracle in my chromebook,,,, i would love! you guys to fix this problem, i use this app a lot!!!! bcs i think you guys are the best, plz i would love the app work again in my chromebook so plz! with all my heart i ask you to fix this, 
    ps: to install it in normal way, i have to turn on my chromebook in developer mode, if i do this all my data could dissapear, i dont want to take that risk,  


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